LBHS’s “The Voice of the Lords” Wins CYHMN? 2014

In a final bout filled with spectacular performances and superb poetry, LBHS’s “The Voice of the Lords” was able to edge out Centennial High School’s “The Howlers, and Father Lacombe’s “Laser Nation A” and “Laser Nation B” to take home the trophy.

In addition, “The Voice of the Lord’s” Michaela Neuman won the prize for Best Individual Performance with an overwhelming presentation of her poem entitled “My Therapists Keep Asking About You.” Other spectacular performances that were in the running for the award were “Dedicated to the man on the street: I wish I spoke to you” by Camila Nuque (Father Lacombe); “Walk” by Shaka Markle (Centennial); “Water” by Bethel Afework (Father Lacombe); and “Maddie” by Chevy O’Dell (Beaverbrook).

On a day that saw unrestrained honesty, hysterical humour, touching observations, incredible courage, and cutting social criticism, everyone could agree that each poet, coach, judge, volunteer, and audience member who witnessed and experienced such exquisitely crafted poetry felt fortunate for being there. Countless comments were made by poets and spectators alike, about the strong sense of community that was created on Saturday, as well as how talented and courageous the writers/performers were.

Stepping out of the third person for just a second, I’d like to personally say “Thank you” to all of the coaches, judges, volunteers, donors, audience members, and administrators, who helped make Saturday, May 10, a memorable and special day for all of us.

I’d also like to thank the poets – your performances touched people and changed people, and those words are used only literally. In my humble opinion, that is the greatest prize a poet can ever hope to attain, and you, all of you, on Saturday, May 10, achieved it together at CYHMN?. I am in awe of each one of you. Thank you for sharing your gifts with us!
CYHMN Final Shot


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