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Reality Is Optional’s Rogue Poets consist of a rebellious group of rabble-rousers rounding up reality and smashing it into atomic particles. We believe reality is optional (join the club), rules are meant to be twisted to our purposes, kids rule, and adults need to get out of our way (just a polite suggestion – we don’t want to squish you by accident)!  We love other poets and we love DO NOT PUSH Buttons, come and talk to us at the slam – we have stickers. Seriously, we do.

Our Team


Em Dubs (AKA Coach) puts the adorable in poetry. She won best individual performance at the 2015 Can You Hear Me Now? poetry finals and was a finalist for the 2016 Youth of Distinction award in Arts and Culture. Em Dubs started the Rogue Poets, this past September, and specializes in comedic poetry that hits the nail right on the head.


Robin Bowering (AKA Curly) uses his passion to weave words of profound meaning. He is a poet, writer, photographer, and video maker. He loves to climb everything and shout random things at audience members, and just when you stop taking him seriously, he’ll blow you away.


The Dark Lord is master of all things femme. She won’t stand for the seventy-eight cents a woman makes compared to a man, the distaste society has for equal rights, and the erasure of half of human history due to genitals. Her roar chimes in with the voices of strong women everywhere. Be prepared to hear her loud and clear.


Alexis Kelly (AKA Ark) is a social and environmental observer. She notes when things are going wrong for the planet, fashion, or human relations. However, she’s not one to hit you over the head with her perceptions. Instead, she will swirl images and information around you until you find yourself immersed and ready to fix what needs to be fixed.


Delaney Nicol (AKA Master of the Alternate Universe) is a storyteller supreme. She kindles imagery, illuminates poetry, and stokes stories into a warm flame just bright enough to make listeners gather in, sit down, and curl up in the happy glow.


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