The Poetry Generator

Herein, find a rag-tag, eclectic, profane, and/or banal list of ideas, phrases, and topics to inspire the generation of poetry.

  1. My job sucks/rules because . . . (inspired by “Office Space,” “Clerks,” and the warrant officer position in “Alien”)
  2. Sometimes, I wish I could remember . . . (inspired by Leonard Shelby and the Nolan brothers)
  3. Sometimes, I wish I could forget . . . (also inspired by Leonard Shelby and the Nolan brothers)
  4. What does religion mean to me? (inspired by religions)
  5. Tell Me Something New About Love
  6. On the last day before the end of the world, I will . . . (inspired by “Last Night” by Don McKellar)
  7. You have been given a direct order to . . . (inspired by Anis Mojgani)
  8. My Fondest Memory
  9. What I hate the most is . . . (inspired by cookies full of hate)
  10. At my first poetry slam, I . . . (inspired by many of the poets who participated in CYHMN? 2014)
  11. The First Day of School (inspired by Ice Cube)
  12. After the Zombies (inspired by zombie video games, zombie movies, zombie toothbrushes, zombie rap stars, etc.)
  13. If the whole world was listening, I would say . . .
  14. Life is like a . . . (inspired by something Mama always used to say)
  15. The best music is . . .
  16. My Favourite Vacation (inspired by “National Lampoon’s Vacation” – “Holiday roa-oa-oa-ooooaaa-ooaa-oa-oa-oad”)
  17. When We Were Young/Remember When (inspired by The Killers and Skid Row)
  18. I write poetry because . . .
  19. The Problem with Teenagers Today (inspired by adults)
  20. The Problem with Adults Today (inspired by teenagers)
  21. The Problem with People Today (inspired by adults and teenagers)
  22. As I walk school hallways, I think about . . . (inspired by LBHS)
  23. I am the face of a generation that . . . (inspired by Allen Ginsberg and Dove commercials)
  24. If I was Prime Minister for a day, I would . . . (inspired by Stephen Harper)
  25. People made fun of me because . . . (topic suggested by Ashley Eyles)
  26. I am grateful for . . . (topic suggested by Ashley Eyles)

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