Design Contest

Can You Hear Me Now? will also be holding an annual logo and poster design competition.  The winning design submission (pairing of logo and poster from the same group/artist) will be used for the subsequent year, and will be placed on, and used for, all official Can You Hear Me Now? materials, including registration packages and advertising posters, as well as any other items used to promote the competition.

The rules for the logo and poster design competition are as follows:


  • Schools must submit the same artist or group of artists for the logo and poster design competition
  • 1 submission per school (each school determines their own selection process to determine the best paired logo and poster designs)
    • Limited to grade 10 and 11 students
    • A consent to publish form must be completed and attached to all submitted designs


  • All design submissions must be completed using Adobe Illustrator (not Photoshop) with the minimum resolution set to 300ppi for each submission
  • Logo and poster designs must incorporate either the entire “Can You Hear Me Now?” name, or use the initials (the question mark must be included) as well as the year in which the event will be held
  • Logo and poster designs must be gender neutral or gender balanced.
  • Logo competition submissions must use only black and white
  • Poster designs must be completed in black & white as well as any three other colours (but one of these three colours must be the colour of the poster paper)
  • The logo and poster designs should be complimentary
  • All parts of the image must be completely original designs, owned and/or created by the artist(s) submitting the design (no copyrighted material is allowed)


  • All competing designs will be displayed and voted for in-person at the “Can You Hear Me Now?” final slam on May 14, 2016 at Ernest Manning High School
  • Voting will be limited to audience members that are present when voting begins
  • The winning designs will be featured on “Can You Hear Me Now?” promotional material for the following year (t-shirts, posters, book cover, and other event materials)
  • The winning designer will also be given a copy of each of the promotional materials for the following year

Deadline: May 6, 2016


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