We Need You! To help us out

The following roles will need to be filled in order to ensure that each event progresses in an orderly and efficient manner. And since we are all about orderliness and efficiency-ness, we’d appreciate you volunteering to help out.


Organizers: Responsible for booking venues, communicating with teacher sponsors regarding events, ensuring teams have met the entrance requirements for the competition, ensuring that each event has a Site Organizer and a Slam Marshal, establishing fees and prizes, and establishing the framework for the event.


Site Organizers: Responsible for ensuring that all materials necessary for the event are distributed to the appropriate people, ensuring that the facility is adequately prepared (including checking with a sound person that microphones and sound system are properly set up), ensuring that the slam schedule is being followed, communicating with teacher-sponsors regarding scheduling and team performances, and communicating with the Slam Marshal to facilitate a fun and safe event for everyone involved.


Slam Marshals: Responsible for ensuring that the rules of the event are reviewed at the start of the event, judges are judging fairly, rules are being followed, and individuals and teams are introduced. The slam marshal will also serve as the sacrificial poet (a performance given before the slam begins to set the standard and calibrate the judges so that they judge all subsequent poems against the quality of the sacrificial performance).


Scorekeeper: The Scorekeeper will record the judges’ scores and calculate final scores for each performance as well as cumulative scores for each team, including any penalties communicated by The Law. The Scorekeeper will need to understand how to use an Excel spreadsheet by entering numbers and having the program generate sum totals for team scores.


The Law: The Law will time each performance and track any penalties (for infractions of the rules related to language, props, and time limits) and communicate this information to the Scorekeeper before the score is finalized. The Law is responsible to ensure that rules are being enforced fairly.



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