December 1 – Poetry Slam Starts!

After the amazing debut of monthly Can You Hear Me Now? events with an open mic at Loft 112 on November 3, we’re following it up with a monthly poetry slam.

On November 3 we had a full house, thanks mostly to a large contingent from Morrin who rolled in with 3 vehicles worth of students! Kim Firmston and her Reality is Optional writers group also contributed a large contingent of performers for the evening while Tyler Perry MC’d for us. Our feature poet, Inongé Chimwaso, blessed us all with a number of powerful and beautiful poems about love and about her family.

This month, we’re starting a monthly poetry slam that will be in addition to the monthly open mic. Poets should have 3 poems prepared, with each one taking no longer than 3 minutes to perform. Props, musical accompaniment, and animal acts are all prohibited from the slam. Poets should also remember that this is an all-ages event, so poets of any age, from 2 to 102 are welcome to perform.

Any poets who would like to slam or participate in the open mic can sign up at the door. If you’d like to put your judgmental nature to good use, please let us know at the door if you’d be willing to judge the slam.

See you at Loft 112 (#112 – 535 8 Ave SE) on December 1st at 6:30 pm! Open mic starts at 6:45 pm with the slam to follow immediately after.


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