Deadlines, deadlines, deadlines – and a Date Change


The final registration deadline is nearly upon us!

Please ensure that you have paid your full entry fee ($150, which would include your intent to compete fee of $50 and an additional registration fee of $100) by March 7.

Please ensure that you have also submitted the final roster for your team by March 7 (email it to Richard Wagner at

After the final registration date (changed to March 7 from February 28), we will announce the list of schools who will be competing this year.

Date Change

CYMNH? has been changed from May 14 to Saturday, May 10. The SLAM will consist of two rounds: one semi-final round and one final round.

The semi-final rounds (there will be two) will have all teams competing, with the top four teams making it into the finals. All bouts and rounds will be held at Lord Beaverbrook High School on Saturday, May 10.

A full schedule will be released after the final registration date and once all teams are finalized.


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